Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Differences between Heart and Mind

Welcome to your journey to The Infinite!

The differences between heart and mind are not on a conscious level. Its that thought process, level of understanding and a humanitarian conscience which plays an integral role.

There is a very thin line between heart and mind. Subconsciousness. Logical decisions categorically rest on the mind whereas emotional decisions rest mainly on the heart. Sometimes the emotional decisions are illogical. We don't need logic to understand our heart. Its the guiding factor. Its that faith, that unwavering love towards your Guru and God, that tiny little bit of connection between you and the Infinite. Mind needs logic. Heart doesn't. We don't need logic to believe in God.

Anhata Chakra or the Heart Chakra forms to be associated with boundless love and compassion. Without that nothing is possible. Ego, hatred, jeolousy, greediness and the other 96 vices end when the heart chakra is realized or opened. This forms to be the underlying foundation in one's spiritual development. No soul can reach a higher mental state without having a heart worthy of impartial selfless service, compassion towards all beings, love for one another without any prejudices.

If mind can be compared to a Royal Enfield Bullet 500 cc, heart is its engine. Its that beautiful thumping exhaust note the engine makes. Without that what's a Royal Enfield? Without that thump, its just another bike that moves!

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