Differences between Heart and Mind

Welcome to your journey to The Infinite! T he differences between heart and mind are not on a conscious level. Its that thought process, level of understanding and a humanitarian conscience which plays an integral role. There is a very thin line between heart and mind. Subconsciousness. Logical decisions categorically rest on the mind whereas emotional decisions rest mainly on the heart. Sometimes the emotional decisions are illogical. We don't need logic to understand our heart. Its the guiding factor. Its that faith, that unwavering love towards your Guru and God, that tiny little bit of connection between you and the Infinite. Mind needs logic. Heart doesn't. We don't need logic to believe in God. Anhata Chakra or the Heart Chakra forms to be associated with boundless love and compassion. Without that nothing is possible. Ego, hatred, jeolousy, greediness and the other 96 vices end when the heart chakra is realized or opened. This forms to be the

Apolitical Agendas

When Arvind Kejriwal climbed the stairs to take oath as the Chief Minister of Delhi way back in 2013, everyone had only one question in mind. How a non-political nothing did the unimaginable. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) had crushed established political parties including the 129 year old Indian National Congress. It was a revolution, led by common men, of belief and hope. Citizens only wanted better governance and better living conditions. The AAP had ridden to victory just on one thing, No Corruption. No religious bullshit, no vote bank politics. In fact they hadn’t played politics at all. Arvind Kejriwal represents the quintessential common man. He doesn’t have a great voice. He is not a brilliant orator as our current PM. He makes mistakes. He is new to the game. When one of the largest protests against corruption happened in the form of tabulating a Jan Lokpal Bill, Arvind Kejriwal was seated next to the revolutionary Anna Hazare . Anna Hazare, an ageing 80 year old, led the prot

The Indian Hypocrisy

              The reason of chaos stands out for the world to witness. If you reckon me I wouldn't hesitate to blame a few misguided persons who have put us into this misery. The effects of karma, some would argue. But a reasonable limit exists to include karmic effects in this pathetic story of over 1 billion people. The core values required in a human being seem to have vanished and trampled to what the olden century people had imagined. Consider a place where tranquility is the essence, humanity is the religion and compassion is the bank balance. There are no fixed ways of life, only to experiment. Well in that world who would have imagined a place like now. Its a trick. A test. A tougher one, a meaner one, but the rules are unchanged. The advantage is faster progression. Speaking of rules, its not the laws laid down by common men. The Higher Laws define them in details in four Vedas. Of course you need to be in a higher state of consciousness just to truly understand and pra

Untitled Sayings

The lower souls crying for attention for the ones above them. The upper ones looking for a place above them. Its basically climbing stairs into something you really don't know. The few souls at the topmost realm have very little to do. They have seen it and want to remain there. They are continually in trance with the Highest Soul. They are not interested in pursuing a reincarnation. Its the ones just below these realms that feel to take a rebirth on earth. These souls want to prove something that they have come to earth. Spiritual gurus that we know of. They perform magnificent duties that the world is stunned. They bring you that essence that tells you a Higher Power exists. They gather lot of broken down souls and head them towards the path of righteousness. That's how the world is advancing. Now talking of the ones in higher realms, they check in once in a while. They find out a better class of souls, who really want to advance. They select one or two and train them

Political Debauchery

                   You feel tired. You had a long day at work. All you want to do now is relax on the couch and watch some TV. You spend some time with your family, you browse through channels, have a quite dinner and go to sleep. Knock knock, you just spent around half a thousand bucks! It all started with a simple problem. Centuries ago, people became disgruntled with injustice. The lower classes or weaker sections of a society were mistreated and oppressed. They felt there must be a person or a group which protected them. They gave these protectors money to buy weapons, armies and war animals. These protectors were paid a fixed amount of money which later came to be known as tax. The protectors later got wealthy and the egoistic ones turned into dictators, kings and 'parties'. The need of a political power to protect, became a liability without escape. But that doesn't mean politics didn't have humble beginnings. Politics is an ancient word. Its the second olde

A State of Mind

A STATE OF mind The world is going on with its rat race. Man designed the way he wanted to live. He didn’t adjust himself to the environment; he adjusted the environment to suit his needs. The spiritual connection with humanity that existed thousands of years ago is diminishing. If there is any place where we can develop ourselves and gloat in that blissful state is Goa. Rightly said, Goa is not a place. Goa is a state of mind. The pristine environment coupled with beautiful souls and gleeful thoughts make it the place to be. Goa has been groomed over the years. And it really takes a lot of hard work to do it. As soon as I entered Goa, all I could see was unconditional love in the air, primeval atmosphere and colourful vibes. Goa has changed a lot over the years. I was roaming the streets of Baga at 3:00 AM in the morning and was literally perplexed. Streets filled with beautiful people, sipping their beer, people dancing their hearts away. The ethereal waves throughout the pl