Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Indian Hypocrisy

              The reason of chaos stands out for the world to witness. If you reckon me I wouldn't hesitate to blame a few misguided persons who have put us into this misery. The effects of karma, some would argue. But a reasonable limit exists to include karmic effects in this pathetic story of over 1 billion people. The core values required in a human being seem to have vanished and trampled to what the olden century people had imagined. Consider a place where tranquility is the essence, humanity is the religion and compassion is the bank balance. There are no fixed ways of life, only to experiment. Well in that world who would have imagined a place like now. Its a trick. A test. A tougher one, a meaner one, but the rules are unchanged. The advantage is faster progression. Speaking of rules, its not the laws laid down by common men. The Higher Laws define them in details in four Vedas. Of course you need to be in a higher state of consciousness just to truly understand and practice. "Out of 1000 who want Me, 1 seeks Me. Out of the 1000 who seek Me, One knows Me" - The Bhagavad Gita. Its a crazy probability out there. The Britishers didn't really make a difference by attacking our kingdoms and looting wealth. That was just the small negligible part. They destroyed the spiritual connection that ran between so many individuals, systems and practices. It looked as if it was meant to be. The corrupt few exploiting their spiritual supremacy, people getting tired of injustice and resorting to violence. I guess after this the word religion was coined. Because a religion never really existed before. It was all about the way to lead a peaceful life filled with advancements in physical, mental and spiritual states. The path was so well versed and practiced, that there was almost a zero chance of beings diverting to wrongful doings. The word for that practice was Sanathana Dharma. Sanathana mean 'eternal'. Dharma means 'law', not religion. I guess He found many people knocking on His door, hence He created diversionary feelings. Inventions, understandings, mindsets all have a dual path to choose from. The subconscious mind is indeed the true master of everything. It is like a Guide, a decider between good and bad. It shall protect you from negative energies whilst giving you chances and opportunities to make a choice. A bad choice and a handful of wrong doings will make the subconscious dormant. It will then go into hibernation allowing uninterrupted freewill. That is why hardly a person with bundles of negativity comes out. In simple words, its a game of choices. But its getting tougher.


  1. I never read this before. And today I just clicked the link and read it.Couldnt take away my eyes.Alluring work
    Keep writing😍

    1. Thank you so much. Words like these encourage me a lot and push me to write more!


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