Saturday, 2 November 2013

A State of Mind


The world is going on with its rat race. Man designed the way he wanted to live. He didn’t adjust himself to the environment; he adjusted the environment to suit his needs. The spiritual connection with humanity that existed thousands of years ago is diminishing. If there is any place where we can develop ourselves and gloat in that blissful state is Goa. Rightly said, Goa is not a place. Goa is a state of mind. The pristine environment coupled with beautiful souls and gleeful thoughts make it the place to be. Goa has been groomed over the years. And it really takes a lot of hard work to do it. As soon as I entered Goa, all I could see was unconditional love in the air, primeval atmosphere and colourful vibes. Goa has changed a lot over the years. I was roaming the streets of Baga at 3:00 AM in the morning and was literally perplexed. Streets filled with beautiful people, sipping their beer, people dancing their hearts away. The ethereal waves throughout the place were so peaceful, I could only think of one thing. A humanoid connection does exist in this blood-sucking materialistic world. I found that connection. I am lucky actually! If the beaches define the calm serenity, the skies define idyllic temperament. Nature at its best, you can say. The world famous hippie culture of Goa of the late 70’s & 80’s is the right way to exemplify about Goa. They lived a free, transcendental life. A life consisting of self-defined rules. Goa gave it to them. It got their love and affection in return. Goa is probably the only place on earth where you would want to visit again and again. Because, you shall always discover something new with every step you take there. If you want to feel that heavenly vibe and a slice of adventure, pack your bags and head to Goa. Beware your soul and heart may connect together and make you stay there forever!

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